The Amplify Story

The idea for Amplify may have started in 2016, but its core strength of engagement is something I’ve specialized in almost all my life. I co-founded and co-owned an advertising agency for 13 years, and in most cases when working with clients, information was provided to our team by the client. I discovered that when we were able to dive deeper into an organization through research and stakeholder engagement, hidden opportunities for efficiencies and growth unearthed themselves. Issues were also uncovered, but formulating a plan to address those for the company’s future was just as important. This need for engagement and research in the field of marketing and communications was the key driver and starting point for Amplify Consulting Inc.

Engagement isn’t magic and it can’t fix every communication or marketing issue, but it’s the starting point for understanding and sets the course for action. So many times, well-timed, strategic conversations open doors to deeper collaboration. When your stakeholders can genuinely pour out their insights, issues, and ideas, you’re provided with incredible information to help you better tell YOUR story.

The fact that your client is seeking feedback to help them improve says a lot about their commitment to offering the best product possible. — Project Stakeholder


These core values ground Amplify on what’s important to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Integrity: this business is built, and operates, on a foundation of trust. Commitments are honoured, communication is always honest, and integrity is never compromised.

Flexibility: being flexible isn’t just for working hours or location, though that’s a part of it. It’s about being adaptable and open to changing directions when it’s best for all.

Creativity: having fun is a part of the DNA of Amplify. A healthy dose of laughter inspires creativity and that’s when the best work is done. Each client and their scenario is different too and requires a creative outlook. There are no cookie cutters here.

Common Sense: all engagement, research, planning, and action is rooted in common sense. Clients can expect to take risks that are calculated and make good common sense.