A Visit is Worth 1,000 Pictures

May 29, 2018

I heard one of the best sayings the other day:

A Picture May be Worth 1,000 Words, but a Visit is Worth 1,000 Pictures!

Brilliant! The speaker was Susannah Pierce of LNG Canada, speaking on a panel called “Disruptive Energy” at the BC Chamber of Commerce’s 66th Annual AGM + Conference. The context: so many times, we as people and companies will share insight and knowledge with our close associates, and for others who are farther removed, we take “shortcuts” and will share pictures and stories and news via social media, email, etc… But the invite to see a project, to “come and see for yourself what’s happening on the ground” will be worth far more than just reading a news release, watching a slide show presentation, or taking the company’s word for it.

I firmly believe that when you can extract someone from their daily grind and get them into your environment, it’s incredibly powerful. It’s then that we not only have the chance to more deeply engage with our colleagues or potential clients, but they too will get a different picture or perspective of how things truly are, can ask questions, and get immediate clarification. My recommendation though: be ready and be prepared. Don’t let their visit be worth 1,000 pictures that don’t accurately represent your company well. The biggest ares of impact are in the smallest of details.

As always, my recommendation, #bebraveengage