Be Brave :: Bobcat Adventures

September 21, 2018

Have you ever had the opportunity to drive a bobcat? It’s intimidating as heck crawling into the cage, locking it, putting down the safety bar, and then turning the sucker on. I had the opportunity to do some excavating in our yard a while ago and I was super intimidated… at first. Once you understand how to work the controls and you start at the job, it’s amazing how quickly I caught on.

It’s the same with most new challenges.

There’s always that point of intimidation where your brain is saying “uh uh… maybe not.” Public speaking. Taking on a new job or role at work. Driving a bobcat!

But if you can be brave and engage, you now have the opportunity to open yourself up to new experiences! Get out there this week and engage in a new challenge, but leave the bobcat alone… that’s mine!