Be Brave Engage :: Engage in Customer Experience

October 8, 2018

This week: Engage in Customer Experience > engage in a game plan to amplify your customer’s experience.

I had the unique opportunity to attend the Investment Planning Counsel’s conference in Whistler a few weeks ago, and their lineup of speakers was fantastic! One of the speakers was Joey Coleman, author of “Never Lose a Customer Again” and he asked the audience a relatively simple, but unbelievably telling, question.

How many of you here have heard of Buyer’s Remorse?” Every hand in the room was raised.

Then Joey asked, “How many of you have a plan to deal with Buyer’s Remorse? 

I saw maybe two hands go up in a room of 400+ people. Those two people were either lying or they’ve read Joey’s book. 😉

Joey talked about the buying cycle, and how as companies/organizations we focus so much of our efforts on convincing the customer that our product/service is right for them, but we put in little to no effort into helping them after that product/service is purchased. His strategy for delivering an awesome customer experience in the first 100 days after purchase – the time period were we lose the most amount of customers – is common sense but brilliant!

This week, look at how you’re engaging with your customers after they purchase from you. Do you have a strategy to further educate, encourage, and engage? I encourage you to pick up a copy of Joey’s book to help you develop a game plan within your company/organization to do things much, much better in the arena of customer experience. You will not only bring more customers in the front door, but you’ll keep from losing them out the back door too.