Be Brave Engage :: Engage in Danger!!!

October 13, 2018

This week: Engage in Danger > well, a little danger with moderation!

Having lived on an acreage when I was younger, I’m certainly no stranger to cutting down trees and chopping up wood. But throwing an axe for fun? My Mom would have been horrified!

At a conference in Whistler, one of the entertainment activities at a special client event was to engage in axe throwing. I wasn’t quite sure if I thought that looked fun, or if I’m might cut off my pinkie finger in the process. Having to sign a waiver in advance certainly solidified that although this was for fun, there was most certainly an element of danger to be respected. With waiver signed and axe in hand, it was time to listen VERY carefully to the rules from our super eager and axe throwing aficionado/instructor Russ. As the Forged Axe marketing says: “Unleash Your Inner Lumberjack with Forged Axe Throwing!”

If you would have asked me if I have an inner lumberjack just waiting to get out before chucking an axe, I’d say no. But after? Heck yes! And apparently, I’m a decent axe tosser too because Russ told me if things didn’t work out at home in my current job, I could always get a job with Forged Axe. Perfect Plan B!

This week, engage in a little danger and do something that’s potentially a little out of your comfort zone. Sky diving! Public speaking! Axe tossing! Whatever you do, Be Brave & Engage! It’s worth it! (and kudos to my axe tossing buddy Amy Hamilton for her bravery!)