Be Brave Engage :: Engage in Honouring the Living

November 12, 2018

This week: Engage in Honouring the Living > please, don’t wait.

A few things struck me about the past weekend and Remembrance Day, the 100th year anniversary of the good news that WAR IS OVER in 1918. Our family took in a Kamloops Blazers hockey game and it was Military Appreciation night. I wondered to myself, “This is Canada! Notwithstanding our US neighbours, do we as a nation really have a big enough appreciation for military in our country?”

The answer, was YES.

There were military vehicles and personnel present, but most touching to me was a veteran who had to be in his 90s who very slowly walked out to centre ice to be honoured with fellow military personnel. The ceremony was beautiful and a crowd of 4,000+ people stood in unified silence for a minute to honour those who have gone before us to fight for our freedoms. It was a moment for us all to reflect and to understand how truly thankful we are for the time of life in which we live.

But what about honouring the living too?

I think of my wonderful Oma and Opa Dop. They were in Holland when World War II broke out and endured years of German occupation of their small city of Haarlem. They never really wanted to share stories of these times, but rather focused on how wonderful Canada was to them when the emigrated here in the early 1950s. They worked tirelessly to make enough money to have a home and raise their two boys. I think of all they went through to get to Canada, and I realize, sadly, that I never did really thank them for what they did so that the next generations, me and my children, would call this country home.


Think about this. We write beautiful poems and eulogies, hold celebrations of life for those who are no longer living which is beautiful, but can we, for those who are living, do the same and not take them for granted.

This week, in honour of Remembrance Day, I encourage you to engage in honouring the living. If you have grandparents or parents still alive, call them, visit them, send them a thank you note in the mail even. So many times we wish we were more engaged in our relationships. The time is now. Make it a “thing” to send someone a thank you or tell them you appreciate them. It’ll add life to living!