Be Brave Engage :: Engage in the Big Picture

October 21, 2018

This week: Engage in the Big Picture > teamwork makes the dream work.

Being an avid soccer player, I have quickly learned the value of teamwork when I’m out on the pitch. If I don’t, some other team that functions better together in terms of communication, providing support for each other, and allowing people to shine in their strengths is going to decimate our team. Even Cristiano Ronaldo needs a team to support him, even though he’s featured as the star of the football club. 

I attended the Global Leadership Summit #gls2018 last week and it was incredibly inspiring. We heard from incredible leaders like John Maxwell, Juliet Funt, Simon Sinek, and Erwin McManus. These leaders are well spoken, inspirational, and well put together. When you see them on stage, it’s just them, sharing incredible points of wisdom to millions of people around the globe. But when you visit their websites, you see the team of people behind them; those that don’t get the 40 minutes of stage time but are just as much responsible for the success of their leader.


The same is true in life, and not just in business.

I think of my family. My husband and two boys are incredibly supportive of the work I do and are flexible, supportive, and provide honest feedback. (If you ever want the most honest of feedback of your life, just as a teenage boy what he thinks). We are a team and there must be mutual respect and support of each member so we all grow to new levels in our lives.

I think of boards I am a part of. The best ones are those that have people who are willing to step up and help to ensure the organization shines. Please don’t join a committee with the intention of getting the glory, but truly engage in the purpose. Sign me up with a team that’s functioning well and communicates effectively.

When it comes to business, how do you better engage in the big picture?

Here are some engaging suggestions:

  • Ask your co-workers what you can do to support them in their work.
  • Ask your boss or leader of the organization what you can do to engage in the big picture so you know your day-to-day work has meaning.
  • As a boss or leader, give up some of the things you’re holding tight to. Give others the opportunity to shine. Ask them to attend an event with you or on your behalf.

Team work really does make the dream work. And engaging, no matter what position or role we have on the team, makes life overall truly more fun and inspiring.