Be Brave :: Engage in Writing a New Ending to the Story

December 2, 2018

“I sent the Mayor to the right event… an entire month early!”


This week: Engage in Writing a New Ending to the Story


Have you ever made a seemingly simple mistake, but it had a ripple effect that wasn’t so good? I have and it involved the Mayor of my community! Major #facepalm moment for me. Here’s what happened…

I was helping to organize an event which had Kamloops Mayor Ken Christian leading off the day with an address to about 250 business leaders. Mayor Christian showed up on time ready to speak, however he noticed a completely empty conference room. Where was everybody? Was he in the right location? About 10 minutes later, I’m sitting at home working and enjoying a second cup of coffee when I get an email from Mayor Christian’s assistant asking “did we get the wrong location? Mayor Christian showed up to speak at your event and there wasn’t anyone there.”

Have you ever had that feeling where you get hot and cold prickles all over simultaneously? adult-attractive-beautiful-1036620

So what on earth happened? Me! That’s what happened! I had filled out a form requesting the Mayor’s presence for 10/22, thinking very clearly in my mind that he would be there Nov 22 (which for those of you good at calendar dates is actually 11/22). I had sent the Mayor and one of the senior staff members to the event an entire month early. Now, these people have WAAY better things to do with their time than wander empty conference centres in the early morning hours. I felt like an idiot, and I’m sure the Mayor and staff were not thrilled but moved on with their day.

Here’s the thing. That didn’t have to be the way the story ended. You see, I could rewrite the ending to the story.

Of course I called right away and left apologetic messages with the two people I had inconvenienced. But that wasn’t the end. I went and purchased some gift cards to a local coffee shop and dropped them off to City Hall with a hand written note saying how sorry I was and that we’d LOVE to see them in a month’s time when the event was going to in fact occur.

As luck would have it, I sat across from these two individuals a week later at the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence awards where I was reassured that it wasn’t a big deal and that the efforts I had gone through were truly appreciated.

And the bonus, our Mayor had a hilarious story to share at the conference about being at this event an entire month early.

You can re-write the ending of so many events in your life. If something has gone poorly, go above and beyond to show you care and you want to make things right. It will make the stories in your life have much, much happier endings all around.