Be Brave :: Engage in Picking a Word-of-the-Year

December 31, 2018

Words don’t normally scare me, but I have to be honest… this word scares me.

Last year for the first time, I chose a word of the year for 2018 and it was STELLAR! I like this kind of thinking as to what your focus might be for the year ahead, and 2018 was certainly a stellar one.

So, when thinking about a Word-of-the-Year for 2019, I was thinking of a few words, but one kept pushing its way past the other words to the top of the list, and I’m frankly a little scared to choose it.


The word is… MOMENTOUS!



I had to make sure I was thinking clearly. I said to my husband, “I’m thinking of choosing the word Momentous, but isn’t it a little lofty of a word? Am I overthinking this?”


His response. “If you’re going to choose a word for the year, might as well choose one that’s a big and challenging one.”


So, in the spirit of #BeBraveEngage the word Momentous was chosen.


Synonyms of Momentous include: important, significant, historic, and earth shattering.

I like this word a lot because

  • a) I like a challenge and
  • b) I have some pretty momentous things coming my way in 2019.

I do, however, believe that living a year worthy of the word momentous starts with the little steps, the day-by-day decisions and occurrences that can slowly, but significantly, change the course of our lives overall.

Here’s to a momentous 2019 and I hope if you choose a word of the year for yourself, it will be significant and a focal point for you.

~ Aleece