Be Brave :: Engage in the Silence of the Season

December 24, 2018

This week: Engage in The Silence of the Season


We have a few holiday traditions as a family, but the most simple one is enjoying the silence of Christmas morning. After the complete mayhem of the “sprint up to Christmas” there is something so lovely about Christmas morning.

Here’s what we do…

We wake up early (we’re early risers, especially the boys on Christmas morning) and we go outside on our porch and just stand there in the cold and listen. You hear the most remarkable thing of the season.


Absolutely nothing. No cars, no noise (well maybe a dog bark) but it’s absolute silence and it’s marvelous. It’s the complete opposite of everything you hear leading up the Christmas. The festive sounds of music, laughter, busy shopping malls, and chatter, and it’s this beautiful silence that is so calming, and peaceful, and beautiful. It reminds me that there is this balance in our lives we need of the enthusiastic times of go, go, go to the times of complete and total rest and space.

I pray that this Christmas you enjoy that silence and rest for a moment or two before everything picks up again into full speed.

Merry Christmas! ~ Aleece