Be Brave :: Engage in Your Influence

November 26, 2018

This week: Engage in Your Influence > how you can create positive change


I have two boys. A teen and pre-teen. The talk at our house surprisingly doesn’t centre around Fortnite. We’ve been intentional about limiting our boys’ interaction with the game because of the fight-to-the-death concept of it, but mainly the addictive, all consuming power it has over kids. You can share your points about why it’s okay for your kids, no judgement here, but for our boys, the effects of this game in their lives isn’t good, so that’s been our choice.


We were visiting with friends and the topic of Fortnite came up. One of the parents lamented about the addictive quality of the game and how she wished her boys would do something else i.e. play outside, read books, have friends over for a visit. But when all their friends are playing the game, it’s a draw because of the community of it. The parent made a comment that another family’s son plays it for hours and hours a day and when he comes to their house, that’s all he talks about. He’s essentially obsessed.


That’s when I turned my attention to my boys and their friends and asked them what it would look like if they uninstalled the game. If anyone is going to start a reverse Fortnite revolution and win back time and face to face connection, why not them? On the drive home, my eldest said to me,

“Mom, if we do this, we’ll be leading influence for our friends.”


Isn’t that what it’s about sometimes. Engaging in our influence, and everyone has influence, to make positive change. Sometimes though, you need to be brave and be the one to lead the way. This week look around you. What’s happening in your world that you’d like to see change, but no one is stepping up to make it happen? Engage in leading influence. I know it’s not impossible either, because if a 15 year old boy can uninstall Fortnite, anything’s possible!

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