Communications Amplified: Spice It Up

April 10, 2019

The server asked, “Would you like some fresh ground pepper for your meal?

Why yes,” said I. “Yes, I would!

As a lover of pepper and all things engagement and people connection, I appreciate dining out at a restaurant and having a meal delivered with the server taking a little extra care by offering fresh, ground pepper. I also appreciate their persistence with the ridiculous amount of pepper I like.

Just keep going,” I’ll say as they grind away. “I’ll say when.”

Grind, grind, grind, grind, grind…

The great servers will crack a joke, talk about the surcharge of pepper I’ll see added to my bill, and make a connection over such a simple, yet meaningful act of service.

So, imagine my surprise… no, horror, to the lack of pepper service the other day. (Stick with me – this isn’t just a first world gripe.) All things were going well and the offer of fresh, ground pepper was made. But instead of coming by with a large pepper-mill that should really require a license to operate, a mini pepper-mill is placed on the table and off the server goes into the horizon, as the pepper-mill sits unattended on the table.


As my 15-year-old son would say… “Wait! What?


This lack of engagement, this lack of service was really strange and I thought “surely, they’ll be back!” Nope.

Have we become so busy or so not service oriented that grinding pepper for a guest is something that’s just not done anymore? Grinding pepper is a lovely little gesture, a time to connect, a time to reinforce that you care for your guests. Plunking down a grinder and leaving your guest to do the grinding themselves is kind of strange actually. It’s like ordering a bottle of wine and the server comes by with the bottle and opener and expects you to do-it-yourself.

This got me thinking.

How many times have I not engaged with my clients in a small but meaningful way when the opportunity to engage is right there in front of me? Have I become lazy in showing care and concern and do I take our awesome Amplify clients for granted? How can I show a little more gratitude in small ways? After all, service and care are the spice of life and not doing those simple touch points of communication and engagement just shows your lack of care in the little things. I can tell you, you’re actually make it incredibly easy to do business with someone else who more engaging.

Spice up the life of your colleagues and your customers this week. Extend a little gratitude and a lovely touch of service. Trust me, they’re noticing!