Communications Amplified: Take a Moment Leader

April 1, 2020

Michael Hyatt is right. As leaders, we dive into the day’s challenges and often neglect simple things we can do and should establish as a part of our routine to ensure our own well being. Because if you’re stressed or sick, you can’t effectively lead, so take care of one of your most important assets… YOU!

Here are 10-Minute Self-Care Tips from the Michael Hyatt team

Here are 10 tips for stress busting that you can do in just 10 minutes.

  1. Take a walk. Time outdoors refreshes the mind.
  2. Listen to soothing music. A huge help in your evening routine.
  3. Call a friend. Human connection fills a vital need.
  4. Write in a journal. Examine negative thoughts and emotions, and they lessen.
  5. Give thanks. Expressing gratitude to others will lift your own spirits.
  6. Take a break. Walk away from the laptop periodically.
  7. Tell a joke. Humor is great medicine, especially when shared.
  8. Drink water. Dehydration makes you feel yucky.
  9. Hold hands. When possible, keep the human connection with family members.
  10. Turn off the news. Get your update, then get out. Don’t obsess over what you can’t control.

As you learn on an airplane before every take off, if the oxygen masks come down, put yours on first so you can then help others.

Make it a great day!