Communications Amplified: The Nice! File

June 6, 2020

I didn’t realize it was a unique thing until I shared with a few people what I do to stay encouraged to be aware that I, and the Amplify team, make a difference. After the recent feedback I received I thought, “Heck! I should probably share this more broadly so others can implement the “Nice!” file too.”

A few weeks ago, I became the Chair of the BC Chamber of Commerce, an organization that represents 125 Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade across the province, who in turn represent over 36,000 businesses. In this time of recovery and renewal post-COVID-19, it’s an amazing time to be Chair of this organization because I truly believe the value we can bring and the collective impact we can have is remarkable.

With that Chair announcement, I’ve received so many wonderful messages. Two incredible young women emailed me specifically to congratulate me and to let me know they consider me an inspiration for them, a role model. Whoa! That’s enough to make my little heart sing. I emailed back saying, “Thank you so much. I am saving this email in my Nice! file, a place where I keep wonderful messages I can go back and refer to from time to time to help me keep focused and inspired!” Both young women said they thought that was a cool idea they’d never thought of and they would be doing something similar.

So why do I have a Nice! file?

There are times where work becomes overwhelming and I wonder, “Am I even making an impact on this world?” Having a Nice! file is a reminder that YES, I am making an impact in this world and in the lives of others, and to keep pressing forward. It’s like a little dose of sunshine when the day lacks that happy burst of positivity to keep me fueled, inspired, and rolling.

My recommendations? When you get a lovely email from someone acknowledging you’ve done a great job or something you did made their day, their life easier, etc… store that in a Nice! file and refer to it often. Then, be intentional and help build someone else’s Nice! file. If we all feel like we’re seen, our voice is important, and that we matter, I know we’ll collectively make greater changes for good in our homes, our businesses, and in our communities. I hope you too can build a Nice! file of your own and help others build theirs.