Do Something Good! They’re Watching…

June 28, 2017

Okay, I realize that title sounds a little ominous, but it’s no less intimidating on who’s watching.

I had the opportunity to do the United Way Jail & Bail this year.

It was a Heroes vs. Villains theme with the local RCMP as the heroes (which they are) arresting the Villains (willing locals who were out to raise funds for the event). I asked my boys if they wanted to join their Mom in the fundraising efforts, so with a “YES!!!” we took on the role of the Household Villains going as Tornado of Toys, Mountains of Laundry, and Darn Dirty Dishes. With the support of friends, family, and colleagues, we Lairds were able to raise nearly $10,000 for the United Way event to help feed kids in our community.


Throughout the planning, my boys watched as I asked friends if they wanted to support our efforts, and as I thanked people for their generous donations. The boys also got into it by thanking family for helping out, posing for pictures, joining me in a Facebook LIVE Broadcast, and playing along like the good sports they are. It is truly my hope that they too continue to support our community in giving their time, money, and efforts. They’re watching Mom and Dad now. We’re hoping to set that positive example for them.

Now that we’re at the end of the event, I want to again thank the many who supported us in raising $9,404.00! Big thanks to:

  • Kelson Group for the dollar for dollar match – $4,702 donation
  • Sandy Vollo, Mark Bertoli, and John Van Limbeek of Abbott Wealth Management
  • Larry Grant – Hub International Barton Insurance
  • Deb McClelland
  • Craig Gallant of River City Nissan
  • Peggy Knaak
  • Arjun Singh – City Councillor
  • Tina Lange – City Councillor
  • Steve Bucher – Mortgage Intelligence
  • Veronica Leonard
  • James Teshima
  • Peter & Lianne Milobar
  • Jason Fawcett
  • Bev Graham and the team at Berwick on the Park
  • Ryan Denault
  • Kevin Krueger
  • Christina and Don McLennan
  • Sugar Mama Salon Kristen Mocherie
  • Cates Ford Oien Epp
  • Jamie Chase
  • Marilia of Rio Clean
  • Doug MacKenzie
  • Steven A Dyment
  • Gina Davidson
  • Shauna Dop
  • Steve Earl
  • Brant Hasanen of Edward Jones
  • Richard Brownlee of Welcome Back Upright MRI and Pain Management Centre
  • Regina Bittner-Rothbart :: Nuance Dance Studio
  • Paula Popadynetz
  • Sue Holm
  • Pete Oyer of Mission Building Company
  • Keith Bonnah
  • Renaye Jordan of Classic Woodcraft
  • Norman Daley of Daley & Company CPA LLP
  • James Dyment
  • Tom & Beth Shouldice
  • Elizabeth & David Laird
  • Doug & Toni Laird