Key Takeaway: Anchor or Engine?

October 13, 2017

This week’s Key Takeaway for me was: Anchor or Engine?

I was listening to a great podcast from Darren Hardy talking about how we as humans either raise or lower our performance to match the expectations and the performance level of our reference group.

So are you hanging out with, or doing business with, Anchors or Engines?

Anchors are people who can bring us down or keep us where we are. This may relate to their morals, values, or goals. Typically, an anchor doesn’t challenge us to do better, reach higher, or think beyond our current situation. Not super motivating.

Engines on the other hand, are people who help make us better than what we are currently. They have higher aspirations, think strategically beyond the muck of where we are or have been, and want to do more than just exist. Totally motivating! My friend Tim Hoogenboom, owner of Health Fare Restaurants, is an engine. Striving for better, thinking strategically, and building his business with tremendous hard work, surrounding himself with many other engines to help push him forward.

So what are you > an engine or an anchor? Who’s a part of your reference group socially and professionally > anchors or engines? I challenge you, as I’m doing as well, to think about it and what you’re going to do.