Squeeze out to Squeeze in.

November 7, 2017

This week’s Key Takeaway on a Tuesday? Yes, I think it’s THAT good.

This week’s Key Takeaway: Squeeze out to Squeeze in.

I was in a coaching session for a high performance leadership course I’m taking, talking about managing my time. I was saying how I want to spend more time working on my client’s projects and my business, but I get sideswiped by phone calls, emails, and yes… checking social media. The coach asked a great question: “what’s getting squeezed out for squeezing something in?”

GREAT question.

Some of the most important things get squeezed out in my mind. To be brutally honest, what’s usually squeezed out is my family, going to the gym, doing a morning devotion to get my head and heart focused for the day, etc…

His recommendation was to schedule your day. Sounds simple right? So instead of going from a client meeting and scrolling through your emails, replying to texts, or looking at social media updates, schedule it all in. Be intentional about your day to become less distracted and better focused. Also setting priorities will help to ensure your schedule is focused on the clients and people that are most important to your business, and life, while still leaving time for other meetings and tasks.

I’m looking forward to engaging in this renewed focus for my day. How about you?