The Key Takeaway

September 29, 2017

This week’s Key Takeaway: Social Justice for Breakfast. I had the opportunity and pleasure to present on Stakeholder Engagement at the Xlerate Day conference in Vancouver this week. The opening speaker for the day was Maude Barlow, social justice activist. Her passion is incredible. She’s been arrested at protests, has worked tirelessly for causes she believes in, has written books, advised Prime Ministers, and more.

The key takeaway for me in all of this was her comment about her Dad’s passion for social justice. As she says, “I had social justice with my oatmeal every morning.”

What are you passionate about, and how are you affecting others, most notably your kids? I think about this as I model hard work, putting myself out there doing speaking engagements to share knowledge, volunteering, and donating finances. I know I’m not perfect (who is?) but the impact we have, through what we’re passionate about, flows to others and further impacts their lives too.

So get passion. Start a conversation around the family table or boardroom table on what’s on your mind and what’s in your heart. You may just be sparking new passions within others.